AUSKO 특송 서비스 이용약관

제 1조 : 이 약관은 AUSKO GROUP PTY LTD ( 이하 “ TNS” 라고 합니다.) 와 고객간의 TNS 택배를 거래하기 위하여 그 이용 조건을 정함을 목적으로 합니다.

제 2조 : AUSKOS가 제공하는 모든 서비스는 WWW.AUSKO.COM.AU 에 회원으로 가입된 고객만을 대상으로 합니다.

제 3조 : AUSKO 의 택배 서비스의 최대 보상한도는 AUD 100.00 한도로 실제 손해액을 배상합니다.

제 4조 : AUSKO는 화물의 무결성을 확인하기 위하여 한국 집하지로 입고 된 화물의 개봉 재포장을 할 수 있으며, 무게 대비 부피의 적절성을 판단하여 고객의 동의 없이 같은 화주의 화물을 합포장 또는 재포장 할 수 있습니다.

제 5조 : AUSKO는 택배 화물을 취급하는데 있어서 호주통관이 사실상 어렵다고 판단 되는 경우 선적을 거부 할 수 있으며, 이과정에서 발송하는 반송시 발생하는 택배비에 대해서는 착불을 원칙으로 합니다.

제 6조 : AUSKO는 10KG 이상의 화물에 대해서는 집배송을 원칙으로 하며 10KG 미만의 화물에 대해서는 가까운 취급점 배송을 원칙으로 합니다.
(기타 세부사항은 별도로 문의 바랍니다. )

제 7조 : AUSKO는 운임체계는 아래와 같습니다.
구분 회원 비회원
취급점 사무실 픽업 배송 취급점 사무실 픽업 배송
10KG 미만 10.00 / KG 8.00 / KG X 서비스불가 15.00 / KG 서비스불가
10KG 이상 10.00 / KG 8.00 / KG 9.00 / KG 서비스불가 15.00 / KG 서비스불가
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Your trusted logistics partner

AUSKO Logistics has diversified its traditional freight forwarding activities into a fully integrated logistics provider and is equally involved in air and sea freight operations. The company has grown significantly over the years till today as one of the well-trusted logistics provider in Australia.

AUSKO Logistics aims to provide quality services and strives to build and maintain relationship with customers. Customers can be assured that AUSKO Logistics will be highly committed in offering efficient, prompt and value for money services


Sea freight

For consignments where time constraints are not so crucial, sea freight can offer a cost effective alternative to air freight.

We are Specialists in Far East inbound and outbound movements as well as offering services to & from most other worldwide origins. We provide a complete range of ocean freight services designed to offer our customers cost effective & efficient solutions for their specific requirement.

Our Sea Freight Services:

  • A reliable, efficient & friendly service
  • Weekly worldwide LCL import and export services – Cargo Consolidation
  • Worldwide FCL import and export services – Full Load containers
  • Door to door and port to door service
  • Customs clearance at all major Australian sea ports
  • Nationwide collection & delivery coverage
  • Out of gauge and project cargo
  • Documentation Services (Certificates of Origin, Letters of Credit, etc.)
  • Express deliveries Australia / Worldwide
  • Full track and trace service


Air freight

As Air Freight Forwarders we know that for urgent or time sensitive consignments air freight forwarding is often the most appropriate method of transport.

We understand that speed and reliability are the main concerns of our air freight forwarder customers.

AUSKO Logistics is one of the few Specialist Air Freight companies in Australia for Far East inbound and outbound movements as well as offering Air Freight Forwarders services to and from most other worldwide origins.

To optimize buying power and freight forwarding services available in order to provide our customers with fast and efficient solutions for their specific requirements, we have established a global network of agents. Our partners, all of whom meet stringent assessment criteria, have been chosen by us to ensure we have utmost trust and confidence in the freight service we are able to offer.

Our Air Freight Services:

  • A reliable, efficient and friendly service
  • Weekly worldwide import and export consolidations
  • Door to door and airport to door service
  • Customs clearance at all major Australian airports
  • Nationwide collection and delivery coverage
  • Import / Export courier service


Retail Logistics

AUSKO Logistics has been operating in and around fashion and the retail sector for over 7 years, building working relationships with some of Australia’s largest and well known retailers taking the personal approach their transport needs.

Ausko Logistics approach each delivery with due diligence, and a true mindset, working closely with our clients to deliver outstanding outcomes and smooth business operations.

It is through our unique commitments to communication and personalised service that AUSKO Logistics are best to meet your needs, to fulfil your expectations and deliver efficient Logistics solutions that enhance your daily store operations. Operated out of New South Wales AUSKO Logistics is able to offer the most affordable and personal transport solutions nationwide.

Utilizing years of experience and industry contact we are able to offer national transport solutions.


Warehouse and 3PL

AUSKO Logistics provide full ecommerce fulfilment services including pick and pack, storage and distribution.

Ausko Logistics offers a comprehensive Ecommerce order fulfilment system – Cost effective Pick and Pack Ecommerce fulfilment at its very best.

We provide Commercial Palletised Storage Space for any period of time, on a storage only basis, or we offer an order distribution service to Local and Worldwide markets, through our global network of partners.

Our warehousing and distribution customers benefit from:

  • An efficient and reliable hands on service
  • Order handling and processing service
  • A full stock inventory system and stock level management
  • Trailer and container offload
  • Local and Worldwide distribution by Sea or Air

Customs Clearance

We provide complete customs clearance service to ensure your goods are assessed and cleared correctly in an efficient & timely manner.

The Australian Customs and Quarantine formalities for the clearance of imports or exports consignments are highly regulated in Australia. The correct preparation and completion of the customs clearance procedures are critical, as heavy penalties may be applied if the correct procedures are not fulfilled.

Our clearance services are professional, reliable and competitively priced, we provide Australia wide service. We always ensure the correct customs clearance documentation is completed and the correct importing and exporting procedures followed to maximize prompt cargo deliveries and minimise potential clearance delays.

Our Customs Brokerage Services:

  • Import/Export Clearance through all ports/airports
  • Electronic customs clearance that begins while your shipments are in transit
  • Expert brokers to handle all complexities and ensure accurate rating of duties and taxes
  • Export Documentation
  • Preparation and lodgement of Tariff Concession Orders
  • International Trade Documentation including preference certificates, certificates of origin, import & export licenses, etc.


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2. Letter of Authority Letter-of-authority-download
3. Shipper's Letter of Instruction Shipper's-letter-of-instruction-download
4. Packing Declaration Packing-declaration-download
5. Fumigation Certificate Fumigation-certificate-download
6. Container Cleanliness Declaration Container-cleanliness-declaration-download
7. Incoterms Air-freight-unit-typesIncoterms-download
8. Air Freight Unit Types Air-freight-unit-types-download
9. Container Specifications Container-specifications-download



We provide import air and sea freight services from all parts of the globe.


We connect Australian business to export markets around the globe.

Right time

We connect Australian business to export markets around the globe.


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